Underground Structures Construction, Mining
and Complex Mechanization Department

Mining Laboratory


Murad Basiladze

7, E. Mindeli Str.
I floor, room 109
tel.:  (+995 32) 2397931



 Date of birth:



1966 - Georgian Technical University (former Georgian Polytechnic Institute), Mining Faculty, Underground Mining of Minerals, Mining Engineer



 Professional experience

1966-up to date - G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute

  Selected publications: 

  • Georgia's energy problems and possibilities of optimal solution.  "Mining Journal",  N2(25), 2010. pp:81-83 (co-authors: I.Rekhviashvili, T.Pirtskhalava, R.Arveladze, Z.Gordeziani, G.Sologashvili,  S.Makharadze).

  • Conditions of maintenance of profitability of operation Tkibuli-Shaori deposits. "Mining Journal",  N2(25), 2010. pp:19-25 (co-authors: I.Rekhviashvili, T.Pirtskhalava, Z.Gordeziani,  S.Makharadze).

  • The feasibility of the use of powered complexes in Tkibuli Mines. "Mining Journal",  N2(23), 2009. pp:27-30 (co-authors: I.Rekhviashvili, T.Pirtskhalava).

  • Modern conception of development of Tkibuli-Shaori deposit. Energy, N5, 2009. ńņš: 21-27 (co-authors: I.Rekhviashvili, T.Pirtskhalava).

  • Mining of large thickness seams of total thickness with caving and silting on Tkibuli-Shaori deposit. "Mining Journal", N1(22), 2009. pp. 13-15 (co-authors: A.Mikeladze, D.Kupatadze).

  • The role of a coal in an fuel and energy balance of Georgia. "Mining Journal", N1-2(20-21), Tbilisi, 2008. pp. 37-42 (co-author: D.Chomakhidze).

  • The ways of improving technologic schemes of Tkibuli-Shaori main in the complex mining-geological conditions. "Mining Journal", N1-2(20-21), Tbilisi, 2008. pp.13-16 (co-authors: A.Mikeladze, U.Kavtiashvili).

  • About the schemes of development of Tkibuli -Shaori coal deposits. "Mining Journal", N1-2(18-19), 2007. pp.5-11 (co-authors: I.Rekhviashvili, T.Pirtskhalava).

  • Coal Industry of Georgia – State Energetic Safety And Independence Guarantee. Energy N1(41), 2007. pp.27-34  (co-authors: I.Rekhviashvili, Z.Gordeziani, G.Magalashvili).

  • Coal Industry of Georgia –  The guarantee of eradication of base power deficiency of the country.  ”Mining Journal”, N2(15), 2005. pp. 87-93  (co-authors: I.Rekhviashvili, R.Arveladze, L.Makhviladze,  Z.Gordeziani).

  • Reasonability of  Restructuring. Coal Industry of Georgia “Science and Technologies”, N10-12, 2005. pp: 70-77  (co-authors: I.Rekhviashvili, G.Gobechia, A.Suladze).

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